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The Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation is a Redwood City based foundation that supports over 150 local charities.

Danford Fisher Hannig Foundation

Founded in 1982 by Redwood City residents, Fred and Gladys Danford. Katherine Fisher was their executive assistant, and she assisted the Danfords in putting the Foundation together with the help of their CPA, Dan Shehi, and their attorney, Frank Hannig.

The Fisher and Hannig families have donated to and managed the Foundation. The Foundation name was updated as a tribute to Katherine Fisher and Frank Hannig and their generous contribution of a legacy of service and philanthropy that helped build the Foundation since the Danfords’ passing. That legacy continues through Katherine’s son George Fisher and Frank’s son Ted Hannig.

Danford Foundation does not maintain offices or staff. Rather, its directors utilize their resources to more efficiently run and manage the Foundation.

The Foundation invests in their existing portfolio of 150 charities that support local health, education and welfare.

Logo (dark background) PNG
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